COMMANDER PUMP electric dick pump with digital display

We love pumping…nips or dicks…and who doesn’t want juicy huge fat meat?  Problem with a lot of pumps is all the parts and hoses you need to get pumped…and some electric units need batteries or a power cord. We wanted a pump you can use fast, that takes no more time than a quick stroke session. 

We wanted a pump you can toss in your toy drawer that’s always ready to bloat up that greasy meat before a quick JO or fuck session.  Grab it, grease your dick and pump…no hoses, no pump handles, no cords. 

We found 2 cordless pumps that really “suck” that are at the right price so anyone can become a meat-pumper these are the strongest, best-quality all-in-one pumps we’ve used and we tried them all. 

Pumping your dick isn’t just for guys that want bigger fatter meat, pumping feels amazing, a couple minutes in a pump will make your dick feel fatter, plumper, even longer…always amazes us how it feels when you stroke your pumped dick, it feels like a different dick, and stroking a blubbery hard dick with a ton of lube is seriously sick stroking fun. 

We got a great price for these direct from the manufacturer, and since we make all our cockrings, you get a free DO-NUT-2 cockring included with the pump…we like this cockring because it is slim and tight, perfect for pumpers.  It’s a ring small enough to wear with the pump sleeve over it, keeping the entire pump sucking your meat where you want and your meat fully pumped up… 

You can also add our JUICY pumpers cockring or JUICY DUO pumper cock & ball separator…both made of our platinum silicone.  JUICY and DUO can both be worn before you start pumping, creating a seal letting you pump more and pump harder…you save $10 on these rings when purchased with the pump.

JUICY DUO separates your balls from your dick, making it possible to pump your nuts and dick…

These pumps are good for first time pumpers and serious pump-pigs that want a simpler faster pump.  We stand behind the quality, these feel solid and really work.

Both versions charge via USB, (cable included), so no batteries required…and both come with a clear squishy comfort seal you can add to the rim of the pump, and extra seal rings for the pump-head unit.

We suggest water-base lube, wipe to clean or separate suction pump head from cylinder to wash.

These suck hard, both adjust for slow pump-up, or faster for more pull, more suction…both have 4 pump settings, the Commander has a cool blue digital display that shows how much suction and how long you have pumped…great way to gradually pump your meat up over time.  Both are very quiet, almost no sound… 

Watch your meat get fatter and longer in the clear cylinder, the head of your meat will flare out, foreskin gets thicker, precum ooze out of your piss-slit…pumping is seriously sick fun!


Phthalate Free, Non-Toxic

Cylinder Stats:

8" Length / 20.32 cm

2.5" Diameter/ 6.35 cm

  • Item #: COMMANDER

COMMANDER PUMP electric dick pump with digital display

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