BIG-D shaftgrip cockring by OXBALLS

BIG-D cockring is thick super-soft rubbery flexTPR big enough to wrap around your cock and balls and push all you got up and out for the biggest “D” look and feel…but BIG-D also has gripper flanges on top that squeeze the base of your shaft for even bigger harder extra D.

BIG-D is oval shaped for better ergo fit, and its got extra padding on the back under your taint for more push-up and push-out…the base of this ring curves in for a bit extra squeeze at the bottom of your nuts and shaft, more squeeze means more bone.

HOW TO: a bit of spit or lube is good, stretch ring and tuck your cock and balls through with top shaft-grippers aiming forward on top of your dick.  Play hard. 

Made of our stretchy flexTPR, it’ll keep the grip firm enough with a rubbery comfortable stretch, and the right grip where you want it.

Oxballs designs all our gear with the features that make our toys work--our gear works hard, feels lush and rubbery and fits your need.  Our goal is making your play bigger harder better.



FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic…and phthalate free

LUBE SAFE:  Water-based or silicone

CARE:  Wash after use in warm soapy water, air dry.  Store toys separately:  we recommend breathable cloth pouches or cotton socks.


Stats (Approximate):

Length: 3.5”/9 cm

Width: 2"/5 cm
Depth: 1”-1.5”/3-4 cm
Outer circumference: 8"/20 cm
Inside diameter: 1.5”-2.5"/4-5 cm
Product Weight: 1.5 oz


Made in CHINA…design copyright OXBALLS

  • Item #: OX-3076

BIG-D shaftgrip cockring by OXBALLS

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