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An all time favorite and a must-have for all you hole pigs out there…this portable TALL FRAME PORTA-SLING STAND is just the thing for hours n’ hours of nasty ass play.

If you’re a tall top or just like more space to fuck, this heightened frame design is perfect for giving you easy access to a hungry hog hole.

This fucker is made from galvanized piping and welded steel, but can be torn down and set up in a snap for hole wreckin’ on the go. It’s so tough it can support up to 350 lbs or one big burly dude.

This TALL FRAME PORTA-SLING STAND is heavy-duty but it’s easy to assemble with just your mitts, no fumblin’ for teeny screws or pins. Best of all, it comes with a discrete travel bag so you can make anywhere a prime place for some fuckin’, fistin’, or whatever the hell your nasty mind can think of.  

The frame's compact footprint takes up less than 4x5 feet of space, making it easy to fit in any room--even a walk-in closet (hey, we are gay after all….).

Get your playroom or bedroom fuck n’ fist-ready in just a matter of minutes…





Length: 57"/ 144.78 cm

Width: 45"/ 114.3 cm

Height: 80"/ 203.2 cm

  • Item #: F12AW


Price: $350.00
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