J-LUBE Powder Water-based Lubricant
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A longtime favorite of pigs everywhere…we’re proud to announce that we’re now carrying the long sought after J-LUBE.

J-LUBE is a super nasty, high-tech chain polyethylene polymer that’s designed to get super slick…and stay slick.

Whether you’re into fistin’, fuckin’, or big toys poppin’ in and outta your pucker, J-LUBE has you covered...

Like super thick sloppy lube? Or into slick watery solutions? You can tweak the water to powder ratio when mixing up your J-LUBE to best suit your style of play.

If you feel your J-LUBE mix start to stick or get tacky during play, give it a few squirts of water to keep it slippery and silky.

Best of all…a lil bit of this stuff goes a long way….one 10 oz bottle of powdered mix gets you over 7 gallons of liquid lube.

J-LUBE is also perfect for mixing with Crisco or freezing into ice cubes to cool down a hungry hole in heat…with so many possibilities, it’s sure to become your new favorite.

**Once mixed, J-LUBE must be stored in the freezer to avoid bacterial contamination. If ice-cold lube is not your jam, we recommend heating up your lube container in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes before play. **


Made in USA


Stats (Approximate):

Volume: 10 oz

  • Item #: 550

J-LUBE Powder Water-based Lubricant

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