5 FREE STACKER with your OXBALLS purchase
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SCORE 5 FREE STACKER with your purchase.

Buy now and get 5 of our favorite stackable ballstretchers. STACKER is only about a inch tall, and stretchy enough to grip your sack whether you have huge horse balls or grape-nuts…this cog-shape design gives you a good firm stretch…


FREE with any purchase

VALUE : $6.00

No code needed, free while supplies last. 




Made in CHINA…design copyright OXBALLS  

Tech-TPR, the stretchiest material we can get our hands on…approved material for toys, non-toxic

Lube safe:  water-based

Cleaning:  detergent and warm water


Stats (inches/cm)

Total Height:  1 inch/23mm

Total Circumference:  7.5”/16.5cm

Inside Hole circumference:     3”/7.6cm

Inside hole Diameter:  15/16 inch/24mm

Weight:  1.4 oz/.04 kg




5 FREE STACKER with your OXBALLS purchase

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